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Water System

The project to identify and install a water treatment system for Queest is underway. 
The plan is to move off the Boil Water Advisory by November 2016.
All owners are reminded to advise their guests that Queest water is untreated and therefore a risk of causing illness due to the risk of Queest drinking water may contain pathogens

Water analysis results:
         2014 May bacteriological summary        Individual by sample

          2013 analysis summary                      Individual analysis by sample

          Archive of past analysis                
Raw Intake           Bacteriological         General parameters and recoverable metals analysis
2014 water analysis requisition package     
          page 1   Queest Creek RAW                              (form bar code ending 97)

page 2  Tap at cabin - identify lot number         (form bar code ending 98)
page 3  Instruction letter with drop off locations

Guide and procedures on how to take a water sample

Water Committee
    Brian Carr, Cindy Studer, Craig Nyrose, James Olson
    Water Coordinator - Bob Kennedy
    Water operational issues, please contact Bob Kennedy or John Magnus.

Work Bees

Queest Village is operated on a volunteer basis.  Your continued participation in work bees however formal or informal is greatly appreciated.

There is plenty of opportunity to lend a hand. Please take the time to talk to others about projects in the village, check the website and talk to council members.

Donna Engel (council director) is this year's Work Bee Coordinator


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