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2015 Strata Council Members:

Robin Rankine - Chair

Lora Wyman    - Treasurer

Doug Olechow - Director/Dock Committee

Donna Engel    - Secretary/Work Bee Coordinator

Anita Black         - Director

Kathy Gratton    - Director

Brian Carr          - Director

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Queest Creek

Queest Village Strata Council’s

Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles and Values




To foster, maintain, and develop a desirable lakeside recreational family community for the current and future benefit of owners, owner’s families, friends and guests, the community and the area.




Effective, well communicated, responsible leadership and management of Queest Village Strata Plan K611. To pursue the Vision.




A Fun, Safe Place for Family, Friends, Nature, Community and Diverse Recreation


Sense of Community, Leadership by Example, Safety and Security, Mutual Respect, Consideration of Others, Community Spirit, Pride in Ownership


Open Communication with all owners and council; effective, straight forward


Owner Volunteerism

 - preferred method of operating the village;

   all needed and welcomed with coordination through Owner Managed Strata Council.

- attendance at Annual Meeting and participation in all matters possible

- Council members to  participate in council meetings and all follow through activities throughout the year


Decision Making based on acting in good faith  and good judgment on behalf of the collective owners.


Proactive Planning and Financially Responsible Funding. Decisions made for today and tomorrow.


Compliance and Coordination with Strata Act and governing authorities.


Proactive Maintenance, Repair and Replacement (basic, reasonable, and compliant) of existing and future infrastructure (road, water, docks, parks, common areas, etc). Contractors used where needed, prudent, appropriate and available; interested, capable, and qualified Owners given priority.


The collective and individual knowledge, experience, contribution of owners is respected, highly valued, needed and appreciated.


Keep It Simple - our lives are complex and most view Queest Village as a ‘retreat’.

Message from the Council Chair

With the developing and continued success of ‘Queest Village’, including the rapid growth and new ownerships, we, the current strata council, find the need to capture the Queest Village Strata Council’s Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles and Values in writing. (text above)

Important to note this may not reflect individual owner views specifically. It is intended to represent the current council’s views as reflected upon by their awareness, experience and interest in properly and effectively conducting their roles on behalf of Queest Village Strata.  

We share this information with you as we, your council, have a keen interest in having open lines of communication with each of you. We want and need each owner to know how their current council thinks collectively. 

Importantly, we want and need to know how each owner thinks. To assist in this being aligned as close as possible with the thoughts of the council, we ask you to continue to be informed and keep us informed. Use any of the methods available, website, AGM, bulletin, notices, fireside chats, phone calls, etc. Contact any or all members of council. Get involved. Communication is the key. Please participate. 

Most importantly, you all know Queest runs on volunteerism, and each owner has a part to play in that. We have been very fortunate for this community to have benefited from the long standing and current involvement of many of the owners and their families. From large projects and years of involvement, to the smallest of tasks, it all adds up and comes together on behalf of the village. It really is a key part of what makes ‘Queest’ so great. Please participate.  

Thanks to each and every one of you, past and present, for your interest and involvement in running ‘Queest’. You know who you are and we are grateful for your contribution. 

Let’s all continue to make Queest a great place.

            Sincerely…..for Queest Council

               Robin Rankine

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