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  Bylaws according to BC Strata Act

Strata K611 has the following added bylaws : 

# X211223, registered Sept 22, 1987   Part 5 Section 115

(i) Shall ensure that only non-food waste is disposed of in the garbage dump.

(ii) Shall not make use of the non-designated common property without approval of the Strata Council.

# KB010890, registered Aug 30, 1988   Part 5 Section 115

(k) Shall not use travel trailers, recreational vehicles or mobile homes as a main dwelling for more that three years before construction of a permanent building.

(l) Shall ensure that the exterior of any building be finished within three years of the commencement of construction.

# LB0212984, registered Jun 24, 2008

"water system use is limited to the operational year of April 15th to October 31st. Owners may only make use of the system outside this operational year with prior notification of the water coordinator"

# LB0233253, registered Aug, 25, 2008

“Strata fees and levies are payable when invoiced, unless otherwise stated on the invoice. Any outstanding portion shall, after 30 days, be payable at an interest rate of 10% per annum compounded annually per section 107(1) of the act.  A strata lot owner with outstanding finances is not eligible to vote at general or special meetings or hold a strata council position.”

# 2014 Amendment

Any assessments, fines, bank charges, filing costs, legal expenses, interest charges or other expenses incurred by the strata corporation to enforce bylaws or strata guidelines or to respond to legal issues regarding decisions taken performing duties in accordance with resolutions passed from time to time by a majority vote of the owners, pursuant to the Strata Property Act, shall become part of the assessment of the owner responsible for such additional expenses and shall become due and payable on the first day of the following month.

Please refer to the Province of BC Strata Property Act for additional information.

Operation of Motor Vehicles:

Reminder to be courteous to fellow owners by not creating dust on roads.  Keep speed below 20 km/hour or slower if required to avoid creating dust.  Operate vehicles in accordance with the BC Motor Vehicle act.

Further Information submitted by the RCMP regarding the enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Act in BC as it pertains to Queest Village. 


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